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Coming to an end

Well, it has been a long time since the last post. And, saddly, We have a very important announcement to make regarding this very blog. Due the lack of time/interest or just because of the end of the year (I’ll leave it up to you to name the main reason), we have decided that this will be the last post on Gigoletes. Even tho this may sound like a total cliche, this has been an once in a lifetime experience, and we really enjoyed being a part of this project.

We took joy on every single word written in here; but you know what? What we really wanted to do was to get you guys to actually take advantage of our posts, to fill you in with the slightest details of what we thought was interesting. And believe me, if you didn’t, all our work is meaningless.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as we enjoyed making it!
All yours (at least for the next week), Gigoletes crew.

Ps: Oh, just for the record, it’s Adib who’s writing this; cos’ I just couldn’t manage to access my user.


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Despite of the fact that we’re like the guinea pigs I think this new project of using the blog was good because the teacher won’t lose your writting and i think its much easier for them to correct it. For the students i think its good because students dont face the blog the same way they face an written project i think its more “natural” I mean…most of them enjoy doing it….another advantage is that they can put images and videos and like copy and paste it…so its way much easier…but on the other hand for those students who don’thave computer or dont know/like to use it..its quite uncomfortable…but personaly i enjoyed….it was a very new way to improve our language and I hope this project will  continue with our and other classes..

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I’ve just found some curiosities about feng shui…and a thing that cought my attention was the fact that I do the opposite of what feng shui recommend….like…they say that : we shouldn’t put the head sided part of the bed pointed to a wall of a bathroom, we should put a mirror near the oven so we can see the kitchen’s door while we cook, not to put the plants at our garden in line, to put a cristal ball over the work desk [??]
there are curiosities in abundance at the site I goes the link

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free post

It’s nonsense and idiot but one day..I thought “what if people could live for 500 years?” I thought about some issues like marriage,work, study and all this kind of stuff but then this idea came through my mind : if people are almost dying at 100 years how would we live the other 400 years? I don’t know if i would enjoy it…I mean….if you get a disease like cancer living that much would be painful…and imagine…living 400 years with your parents? its not that I don’t like them but just imagine 400 years…..As I told at the beginning…it’s ridiculous to think on this kind of things but sometimes we just don’t think of anything and then this stupid ideas come and make you think about them. Even though this idea was stupid I kind of enjoyed thinking of it because the only thing that worried me at the time was to think on how to spend 400 years of my life. Well…all I wanted to say is that it feels good to let your mind free sometimes….maybe that’s why people do drugs..but that’s another issue…

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You should see before…I put the link because I didn’t know how to copy the video….so..what cought my attencion was the combination of violin and a Dj….I always had the thought that violin was a stupid musical instrument…because I hated the sounds like something is scratching but watching this video I see that not only violin but..the instruments I consider stupid..are “good”..otherwise there wouldn’t have people playing it…hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed

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so..i don’t know if I post today it will count but I’ll post it anyway…I was viewing some blogs and I saw Pedro and Nicole’s blog…and one of the things pedro would like to do was to play the guiar..well..I just started taking some classes so Im not good yet…I hope one day I can play it well…but actually Im learning it to play eletronic guitar[?]…I dont know but people use to say that to play eletronic guitar you should learn guitar first but…I don’t think that’s true…..anyway I’ll put a a video of a guy that plays the guitar in an unusual way but it is still good.

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i like to hear all kind of rap music.And “Give me that” is one of them.I think that listening to english music is one way to improve your English regardless of which type it is.And not only enhance your fluency but  rap make me feel better when you are alone or feeling bad.So if you haven´t tried yet, you should.

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13 things I’d like to learn

1 – Magic. I always liked to watch to magic, since child… I think everybody does.

2 – Cook. sounds gay? yeah..maybe but well..when you travel with firends..if you know how to do it, it can be very useful..especially because usually no one knows how to do it well.

3 – Play an instrument.well..guess everybody loves music…

4 – Parkour[??]  watch and turn off the sound while watching it.

5 – Diabolo. chinease yo yo? its useless just want to learn it for fun.

6 – Drive. think most of the teens at my age would like to learn or already know how to do it.

7 – Draw. But not the common drawing…I’d like to know how to do those effects that confuses your mind. optical illusion.

8 – Surf. seems nice but I’m not fond of water cause I can’t swim well so it’s not that I’d like to learn is just that I think its cool.
(well I don’t really want to learn anything else so I’ll just put anything here)

9 – Write well. Nowdays comunication is very important so…its really good if you know how to write well…

10 – Chinese. Think that learning chinese and english will be very useful for the future.

11 – Act. through acting you can avoid being mugged or whatever. It’s aways good to know how to fake…cause…well…acting is faking that you are someone else.

12- Sing. Singing…you can spread happiness everywhere you go.
13 – Take photo. An image worth more than 1000 words.

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jun15_01.jpgThis is Borat, a movie character.The movie is really funny.I guess if you have seen the film you couldn´t stop laughing.One of the best scenes for me is when he says: This is Natalia( then he starts to kiss her and after that he tells us that she is his sister- number 4 prostitut in all of khazaquistan)

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“Children’s Day” is coming…

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